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                                     BODY WAXING


With us, you can actually look forward to having a wax! Our secret wax recipe and customized waxing methods ensure the best results. With the best waxologists and strict guidelines for hygiene, you can rest easy!

The Brazilian   $55.00    

For ladies, complete hair removal from the front to the back and especially what is in-between

The Deep Bikini $44.00  

Not completely bare but just enough hair removal to wear that itsy-bitsy tiny weeny thong bikini! Typically an oblong patch of hair remains from pubic bone to crack

The Bikini Wax  $30.00  

Make your grandmother proud!  A basic bikini removes all hair that can be seen "outside" the bathing suit panty line

Half arm                      $25.00
Full arm                       $40.00
Shoulders                    $20.00
Underarms                  $25.00
Half Leg knee down   $40.00
Half Leg Above knee  $40.00
Full Leg                         $75.00 
Cheeks                          $20.00
Stomach                       $20.00
Happy Trails                 $10.00
Toes                               $5.00



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