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Pretty in Mink  $200

Real mink eyelash extensions and cruelty free. Mink lashes are softer and more flexible than synthetic and look more natural. They won't ask and we wont tell.

Mink Fills  2 week $79,  3 weeks - $89 • After 3 weeks $99



3D Volume Set $225

3D Volume lashes are big and beautiful. 3 to 4 very fine lashes are fanned and applied to one natural lash, giving a more fuller, fluffier look.

2 week $89 , 3 week fill $99 After 3 $110


Removal $30

We charge to remove lashes from other salons . . . and removal fee to our clients that are not getting new set.


 • 2 week fills: $59 • 3 week fills: $69 • After 3 week fill: $79*


* Silk add $10


Eyelash Extension Prices and Costs

Our eyelash extension costs and prices are competitive and offer you the best value for the results you’ll see after your procedure. Please have a look at our different offerings and feel free to ask for more information on any of our services when you call and we’ll be happy to let you know everything you’ll receive with each.






$99 • Silk Upgrade $20

Add some oomph to your gaze with individual lashes artfully placed on eyelashes. You'll leave with longer, fuller, more flattering lashes that look like your own.  *50 Lashes per eye


$125 • Silk Upgrade $25

Our most popular set of lashes! The Sophia dramatically enhances your natural lashes. Perfect for the girl on the go who wants consistently beautiful lashes. *75 lashes per eye


$135 • Silk Upgrade $30

This amazing set of lashes is for the girl who wants a dramatic look! If you want full mascara glamour ALL the time, this set is for you.

*100 lashes per eye




We use a vegetable based tint, safe for the delicate eye area. You will have great looking dark eyelashes that last for weeks!




Flaunt what you've got with a lash lift. A great alternative to extensions. The lift curls, lengthens, and lifts lashes for that open eyed enhanced look. Add a tint and leave mascara behind.




No commitment, no hassle, no strings attached. A quick fix to add that something special to your night.




The names says it all! IT ONLY TAKES 30 MINS. Perfect for vacation or if you just want to try out lash extensions. No fill in available for this set. Natural look only. last up 14 days.



We use a special technique that will make strip lashes last all weekend.

Eyelash Extensions on Long Island

What are Eyelash Extensions and Tips About Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking to complete your look with eyelash extensions on Long Island, you owe it to yourself to get your lashes worked on by the experts at Bombshell Brows. Since 2014 Bombshell Brows has been providing our customers with fantastic results with our eyelash services to look stunning.


Our lash extensions are perfect if you are looking to improve your eyelashes if you feel they are too short, too straight, too light or too thin. We continually show our dedication our customers by demonstrating our exceptional level of quality with all our applications. It is our passion to give you amazing looking eyelashes and we love doing your lashes as much as you love the final results.

Eyelash extensions are synthetic strands of eyelashes that are used to provide thicker, longer eyelashes that provide better volume than your lashes alone. Eyelash extensions are applied one at a time to your lashes. This meticulous process takes a bit of time but the results speak for themselves and the eyelash extensions blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for a gorgeous look for your eyes.  Once applied, eyelash extensions last as long as the natural growing period of your lashes. While this time period will differ from person to person, the typical time between touchups is about 2-3 weeks.

There are some factors that can affect how often you should get touch ups on your eyelash extensions. Some of these factors are how often you touch your eyes as it can disturb the bond between the synthetic and natural lashes as well as your exposure to steam as the bond can also be disturbed by humidity.


Once set, the adhesive we use can experience some wetness, however, we highly recommend keeping water away from your eyelash extensions for at least 24-48 hours to give them proper time to fix themselves to your eyelashes. After this period, your lash extensions should be able to handle water from showers with no issues. It is also suggested to use water-based makeup remover after eyelash extensions are applied to avoid accidentally disrupting the adhesive on your eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions from Bombshell Brows

Our procedure for eyelash extensions on Long Island lasts on average about 1 hour. Depending on your particular procedure, this time could be less or more by about 15 minutes. Getting a touch-up for existing lash extensions will only take about 30 minutes.



Booking & Cancellation Policies:



For our New Clients: When scheduling an appointment a valid credit card or a non-refundable $25 deposit is required.


For Existing Clients: We value all of our client's time, therefore if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly request a 24 hour notice prior to your appointment time. Less than 24 hours will result in an additional cancellation fee.


We reserve the right to charge no-show, cancellation or rescheduling fee. Other restrictions may apply.



Are you ready to get amazing results using Bombshell Brows’ eyelash extension services? We invite you to call us at our Bellmore location at (516) 308-7073 or at our Syosset location at (516) 364-2723. We can’t wait to help you get the full, voluminous eyelashes you’ve always wanted!

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