Long Island Blow Dry Bar

Join us at Long Island’s premier blow dry bar, Bombshell Brows! A blowout helps you achieve maximum volume and bounce so your hair can look absolutely breathtaking. While many salons offer blowouts, not all carry the same quality and expertise. When you are choosing a salon, go with the salon that has the best proven results and loyal customers: Bombshell Brows.



What Is a Blow Dry Bar?

Just as it sounds, a blow dry bar combines the best parts of a salon and a cocktail bar. While you wait for the fantastic results of your gorgeous hair, enjoy a complimentary drink to really give you the full service experience only Bombshell Brows can. While we can provide you incredible blowouts. Our blowdry bar is located at our Syosset location only.

What We Do With Your Blowout

Your blowout starts with a hair wash and scalp massage, followed by an expert blow dry method. High-powered hair dryers, round brushes, and other styling tools are used to achieve a finished look that may seem impossible to do on your own. Our blowouts leave hair shiny, bouncy, and with a style that will last for days. The best part? You walk out feeling confident and ready to take on the world.


We have a wide variety of styles available for our customers that are sure to amaze. Please feel free to view our styles below to choose which hair style would work best for you.


**Blowouts are scheduled for 45 minutes each so we request letting us know at the time of booking if you think that your hair will require additional time so we can properly schedule.


If you are ready to get an amazing blowout from Bombshell Brows, please call us for an appointment at our Syosset location at (516) 364-2723. We look forward to providing you with incredible results that are sure to get heads turning!


  • Blow Dry – $38

  • The Old Fashion (wash, set & blow) - $50

  • Dry Styles (Curl or straighten dry hair) $28

  • Extension Blow Dry - $55

  • Blowouts for 10 & under - $25

  • Ponytails & Buns - $45

  • Up Braid - $65

  • Down Braid - $45

  • Up-do $75 (dry hair) $85 (wash & blow)

  • Partial Up- do (half up/half down) - $65

  • BRIDE – 150





Scalp Massage - $10

10 minutes of blissful relaxation.


Braids - $15

Add braids into your style.


Hair Mask - $20

Deep conditioning treatment.


Extension Application - $20

Bring your own clip in extensions, and we will style them in.




Old Hollywood
New Hollywood





The Marylin
The Marylin

Sexy Big Loose Curls

The Sophia
The Sophia

Volume & Body

The Farrah
The Farrah

Flirtatious Flips

The Audrey
The Audrey

Chic Timeless Up- Do

The Rita
The Rita

Soft Wavy Curls

Show Stopper
Show Stopper
Glamour Girl
Glamour Girl
Two Faced
Two Faced

Loose Curls & Braids

Straight Shooter
Straight Shooter
BB Signature